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Mad:)Men Help/Rules
Object of the Game

The object of the game is to guess the secret word/phrase, one letter at a time. However, if you select too many letters that are not in the word/phrase, you lose!
Rules / How to Play
  1. You will be given a hint to help you determine what the secret word/phrase is. This is located above the secret word/phrase.

  2. To guess a letter, simply click on the letter that you believe is in the secret word/phrase in the grouping of buttons located below the secret word/phrase.
    • If the letter you selected is in the secret word/phrase, the letter will be filled in, and the letter will be highlighted in green, like this:
    • If the letter you selected is not in the secrect word/phrase, another part of the victim's body will appear, and the letter will be highlighted in red, like this:

  3. If you manage to select all of the letters in the secret word/phrase before all of the body parts of the victim have been shown, then you win, and have saved the victim.

  4. Depending on the difficulty, you will be allowed to select 5 (HARD), 9 (NORMAL), or 12 (EASY) unused letters and still win.
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