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newestStephen KingPrintable Stephen King Cryptogram
newestBill WattersonPrintable Bill Watterson Cryptogram
newestRonald Reagan 2Printable Ronald Reagan 2 Cryptogram
newestDavid T. WolfPrintable David T. Wolf Cryptogram
newerMark Twain 4Printable Mark Twain 4 Cryptogram
newerIsaac AsimovPrintable Isaac Asimov Cryptogram
newerHerbert HooverPrintable Herbert Hoover Cryptogram
newerBill Cosby 2Printable Bill Cosby 2 Cryptogram
newDolly Parton 2Printable Dolly Parton 2 Cryptogram
newKevin `Rawmeat Cowboy` CassidyPrintable Kevin `Rawmeat Cowboy`  Cassidy Cryptogram
newTom HanksPrintable Tom Hanks Cryptogram
newDan QuaylePrintable Dan Quayle Cryptogram
newAlfred Hitchcock 2Printable Alfred Hitchcock 2 Cryptogram
newClive Barnes Printable Clive Barnes  Cryptogram
newJohn Kenneth GalbraithPrintable John Kenneth Galbraith Cryptogram
Lenore HersheyPrintable Lenore Hershey Cryptogram
George Bernard Shaw 2Printable George Bernard Shaw 2 Cryptogram
Bob Dylan 2Printable Bob Dylan 2 Cryptogram
Bette DavisPrintable Bette Davis Cryptogram
Henry FordPrintable Henry Ford Cryptogram
Edgar Allan Poe 2Printable Edgar Allan Poe 2 Cryptogram
John CiardiPrintable John Ciardi Cryptogram
George Carlin 3Printable George Carlin 3 Cryptogram
B. F. SkinnerPrintable B. F. Skinner Cryptogram
Ronald ReaganPrintable Ronald Reagan Cryptogram
Oscar LevantPrintable Oscar Levant Cryptogram
Paris HiltonPrintable Paris Hilton Cryptogram
Matt DamonPrintable Matt Damon Cryptogram
Chris RockPrintable Chris Rock Cryptogram
Joan KlempnerPrintable Joan Klempner Cryptogram
Oscar Wilde 3Printable Oscar Wilde 3 Cryptogram
Bob HopePrintable Bob Hope Cryptogram
Sidney J. HarrisPrintable Sidney J. Harris Cryptogram
Alice JamesPrintable Alice James Cryptogram
James Branch CabellPrintable James Branch Cabell Cryptogram
Baltasar GracianPrintable Baltasar Gracian Cryptogram
Paul DiracPrintable Paul Dirac Cryptogram
Hillary ClintonPrintable Hillary Clinton Cryptogram
Goerge ClooneyPrintable Goerge Clooney Cryptogram
Katharine Butler HathawayPrintable Katharine Butler Hathaway Cryptogram
Peter De VriesPrintable Peter De Vries Cryptogram
Hagar the HorriblePrintable Hagar the Horrible Cryptogram
Albert Schweitzer 2Printable Albert Schweitzer 2 Cryptogram
Mother TeresaPrintable Mother Teresa Cryptogram
Oscar Wilde 2Printable Oscar Wilde 2 Cryptogram
Condoleezza RicePrintable Condoleezza Rice Cryptogram
Fidel CastroPrintable Fidel Castro Cryptogram
MolierePrintable Moliere Cryptogram
Bruce GrocottPrintable Bruce Grocott Cryptogram
Barack ObamaPrintable Barack Obama Cryptogram
Leo BurnettPrintable Leo Burnett Cryptogram
Mark Twain 3Printable Mark Twain 3 Cryptogram
George Carlin 2Printable George Carlin 2 Cryptogram
David FriedmanPrintable David Friedman Cryptogram
Nathanael Huddleson 3Printable Nathanael Huddleson 3 Cryptogram
Carrie FisherPrintable Carrie Fisher Cryptogram
Sir Francis BaconPrintable Sir Francis Bacon Cryptogram
Lord ByronPrintable Lord Byron Cryptogram
B.B. KingPrintable B.B. King Cryptogram
Stephen LeacockPrintable Stephen Leacock Cryptogram
Og MandinoPrintable Og Mandino Cryptogram
Jose SimonPrintable Jose Simon Cryptogram
Philip G. HamertonPrintable Philip G. Hamerton Cryptogram
Ikkaku, Hosaka and KawabataPrintable Ikkaku,  Hosaka and Kawabata Cryptogram
Mike HuckabeePrintable Mike Huckabee Cryptogram
Dolly PartonPrintable Dolly Parton Cryptogram
Julia SorelPrintable Julia Sorel Cryptogram
Pablo Picasso 2Printable Pablo Picasso 2 Cryptogram
Henry David Thoreau 2Printable Henry David Thoreau 2 Cryptogram
Michael CrichtonPrintable Michael Crichton Cryptogram
Arthur C. Clarke 2Printable Arthur C. Clarke 2 Cryptogram
H. Rider HaggardPrintable H. Rider Haggard Cryptogram
Walter AndersonPrintable Walter Anderson Cryptogram
Peter McWilliamsPrintable Peter McWilliams Cryptogram
Ernest Hemingway 2Printable Ernest Hemingway 2 Cryptogram
Ancient Proverb 3Printable Ancient Proverb 3 Cryptogram
Isak DinesonPrintable Isak Dineson Cryptogram
Jim HensonPrintable Jim Henson Cryptogram
Friedrich Nietzsche 2Printable Friedrich Nietzsche 2 Cryptogram
John Adams 2Printable John Adams 2 Cryptogram
Dwight D. Eisenhower 2Printable Dwight D. Eisenhower 2 Cryptogram
Ulysses S. GrantPrintable Ulysses S. Grant Cryptogram
Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiPrintable Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Cryptogram
Nathaniel Hawthorne 2Printable Nathaniel Hawthorne 2 Cryptogram
Margaret ThatcherPrintable Margaret Thatcher Cryptogram
Albert SchweitzerPrintable Albert Schweitzer Cryptogram
Kurt CobainPrintable Kurt Cobain Cryptogram
VoltairePrintable Voltaire Cryptogram
Baz LuhrmannPrintable Baz Luhrmann Cryptogram
Ancient Proverb 2Printable Ancient Proverb 2 Cryptogram
Ancient ProverbPrintable Ancient Proverb Cryptogram
Steve MartinPrintable Steve Martin Cryptogram
Samuel Taylor ColeridgePrintable Samuel Taylor Coleridge Cryptogram
Evelyn HeinzPrintable Evelyn Heinz Cryptogram
Unknown 6Printable Unknown 6 Cryptogram
Quentin TarantinoPrintable Quentin Tarantino Cryptogram
Oprah WinfreyPrintable Oprah Winfrey Cryptogram
Jonathan SwiftPrintable Jonathan Swift Cryptogram
Richard Nixon Printable Richard Nixon  Cryptogram
Whitney YoungPrintable Whitney Young Cryptogram
Ernest HemingwayPrintable Ernest Hemingway Cryptogram
Anton ChekhovPrintable Anton Chekhov Cryptogram
John F. Kennedy (JKF) 3Printable John F. Kennedy (JKF) 3 Cryptogram
Marylin MonroePrintable Marylin Monroe Cryptogram
Marcel ProustPrintable Marcel Proust Cryptogram
George WashingtonPrintable George Washington Cryptogram
Thomas MoorePrintable Thomas Moore Cryptogram
George S. PattonPrintable George S. Patton Cryptogram
Salma Hayek 2Printable Salma Hayek 2 Cryptogram
Nicole KidmanPrintable Nicole Kidman Cryptogram
George Bernard ShawPrintable George Bernard Shaw Cryptogram
R. Buckminster Fuller 3Printable R. Buckminster Fuller 3 Cryptogram
Ralph Waldo Emerson 3Printable Ralph Waldo Emerson 3 Cryptogram
Unknown 5Printable Unknown 5 Cryptogram
SocratesPrintable Socrates Cryptogram
Barbara TuchmanPrintable Barbara Tuchman Cryptogram
Unknown 4Printable Unknown 4 Cryptogram
Yakko WarnerPrintable Yakko Warner Cryptogram
Tom BodettPrintable Tom Bodett Cryptogram
Napoleon Bonaparte 2Printable Napoleon Bonaparte 2 Cryptogram
Comte de BuffonPrintable Comte de Buffon Cryptogram
Nathanael Huddleson 2Printable Nathanael Huddleson 2 Cryptogram
Unknown ProgrammerPrintable Unknown Programmer Cryptogram
Rita Rudner 2Printable Rita Rudner 2 Cryptogram
John Andrew HolmesPrintable John Andrew Holmes Cryptogram
Peter UstinovPrintable Peter Ustinov Cryptogram
Stephen HawkingPrintable Stephen Hawking Cryptogram
Zeb Holland 3Printable Zeb Holland 3 Cryptogram
Ellen DeGeneresPrintable Ellen DeGeneres Cryptogram
Friedrich NietzschePrintable Friedrich Nietzsche Cryptogram
Lily Tomlin 2Printable Lily Tomlin 2 Cryptogram
Robert FrostPrintable Robert Frost Cryptogram
Sam LevensonPrintable Sam Levenson Cryptogram
Alfred North WhiteheadPrintable Alfred North Whitehead Cryptogram
Judith MartinPrintable Judith Martin Cryptogram
Scott AdamsPrintable Scott Adams Cryptogram
Sir Winston Churchill 3Printable Sir Winston Churchill 3 Cryptogram
Jane WagnerPrintable Jane Wagner Cryptogram
Ring LardnerPrintable Ring Lardner Cryptogram
Arthur C. ClarkePrintable Arthur C. Clarke Cryptogram
Will DurantPrintable Will Durant Cryptogram
F. Scott FitzgeraldPrintable F. Scott Fitzgerald Cryptogram
Eric Hoffer 2Printable Eric Hoffer 2 Cryptogram
Martin Luther King Jr. 2Printable Martin Luther King Jr. 2 Cryptogram
R. Buckminster Fuller 2Printable R. Buckminster Fuller 2 Cryptogram
Andy RooneyPrintable Andy Rooney Cryptogram
Cary GrantPrintable Cary Grant Cryptogram
Mother TeresaPrintable Mother Teresa Cryptogram
Julius RosenwaldPrintable Julius Rosenwald Cryptogram
Blake ClarkPrintable Blake Clark Cryptogram
Terry PratchettPrintable Terry Pratchett Cryptogram
Henry Kissinger 2Printable Henry Kissinger 2 Cryptogram
David M.Printable David M. Cryptogram
Bill CosbyPrintable Bill Cosby Cryptogram
Dwight D. EisenhowerPrintable Dwight D. Eisenhower Cryptogram
Alfred HitchcockPrintable Alfred Hitchcock Cryptogram
Will CuppyPrintable Will Cuppy Cryptogram
Arthur SchopenhauerPrintable Arthur Schopenhauer Cryptogram
Pablo PicassoPrintable Pablo Picasso Cryptogram
Will RogersPrintable Will Rogers Cryptogram
Robertson DaviesPrintable Robertson Davies Cryptogram
Frank TiboltPrintable Frank Tibolt Cryptogram
Fran LebowitzPrintable Fran Lebowitz Cryptogram
Albert Einstein 3Printable Albert Einstein 3 Cryptogram
Henry KissingerPrintable Henry Kissinger Cryptogram
Bob DylanPrintable Bob Dylan Cryptogram
Sir Winston Churchill 2Printable Sir Winston Churchill 2 Cryptogram
Isaac NewtonPrintable Isaac Newton Cryptogram
Thomas JeffersonPrintable Thomas Jefferson Cryptogram
Steve Jobs 2Printable Steve Jobs 2 Cryptogram
Ralph Waldo Emerson 2Printable Ralph Waldo Emerson 2 Cryptogram
Gloria SwansonPrintable Gloria Swanson Cryptogram
John WaynePrintable John Wayne Cryptogram
Anne Morrow LindberghPrintable Anne Morrow Lindbergh Cryptogram
Carl Jung 2Printable Carl Jung 2 Cryptogram
Mark Twain 2Printable Mark Twain 2 Cryptogram
Harry S TrumanPrintable Harry S Truman Cryptogram
J.K. Rowling 2Printable J.K. Rowling 2 Cryptogram
Cyrus H. CurtisPrintable Cyrus H. Curtis Cryptogram
Lucille BallPrintable Lucille Ball Cryptogram
Robert WilenskyPrintable Robert Wilensky Cryptogram
David LettermanPrintable David Letterman Cryptogram
Warren BeattyPrintable Warren Beatty Cryptogram
George CarlinPrintable George Carlin Cryptogram
George AikenPrintable George Aiken Cryptogram
John AdamsPrintable John Adams Cryptogram
R. Buckminster FullerPrintable R. Buckminster Fuller Cryptogram
Charles WadsworthPrintable Charles Wadsworth Cryptogram
Henry David ThoreauPrintable Henry David Thoreau Cryptogram
Bertrand RussellPrintable Bertrand Russell Cryptogram
Pearl BuckPrintable Pearl Buck Cryptogram
Patrick YoungPrintable Patrick Young Cryptogram
Joan DidionPrintable Joan Didion Cryptogram
Thomas PainePrintable Thomas Paine Cryptogram
Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiPrintable Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Cryptogram
Douglas AdamsPrintable Douglas Adams Cryptogram
Robert F. Kennedy Printable Robert F. Kennedy  Cryptogram
Wayne GretzkyPrintable Wayne Gretzky Cryptogram
PlatoPrintable Plato Cryptogram
Eric HofferPrintable Eric Hoffer Cryptogram
Arthur KoestlerPrintable Arthur Koestler Cryptogram
Frederick DouglassPrintable Frederick Douglass Cryptogram
William Ellery ChanningPrintable William Ellery Channing Cryptogram
Soren KierkegaardPrintable Soren Kierkegaard Cryptogram
John SladekPrintable John Sladek Cryptogram
Jane Austen 2Printable Jane Austen 2 Cryptogram
George SantayanaPrintable George Santayana Cryptogram
Robert J. ShillerPrintable Robert J. Shiller Cryptogram
Peggy NoonanPrintable Peggy Noonan Cryptogram
Sir Winston ChurchillPrintable Sir Winston Churchill Cryptogram
Ralph Waldo EmersonPrintable Ralph Waldo Emerson Cryptogram
Lyndon B. JohnsonPrintable Lyndon B. Johnson Cryptogram
Jay LenoPrintable Jay Leno Cryptogram
Steve JobsPrintable Steve Jobs Cryptogram
William Shakespeare 2Printable William Shakespeare 2 Cryptogram
Abraham LincolnPrintable Abraham Lincoln Cryptogram
Lord MacaulayPrintable Lord Macaulay Cryptogram
Georg Christoph LichtenbergPrintable Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Cryptogram
Napoleon BonapartePrintable Napoleon Bonaparte Cryptogram
Steve PavlinaPrintable Steve Pavlina Cryptogram
Galileo GalileiPrintable Galileo Galilei Cryptogram
Albert Einstein 2Printable Albert Einstein 2 Cryptogram
Groucho MarxPrintable Groucho Marx Cryptogram
Mitch HedbergPrintable Mitch Hedberg Cryptogram
Richard NixonPrintable Richard Nixon Cryptogram
Rita RudnerPrintable Rita Rudner Cryptogram
John F. Kennedy (JFK) 2Printable John F. Kennedy (JFK) 2 Cryptogram
Martin Luther King Jr.Printable Martin Luther King Jr. Cryptogram
James MagaryPrintable James Magary Cryptogram
UnknownPrintable Unknown Cryptogram
Abba Eban Printable Abba Eban  Cryptogram
Albert GuinonPrintable Albert Guinon Cryptogram
Elisabeth Kubler-RossPrintable Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Cryptogram
Salma HayekPrintable Salma Hayek Cryptogram
Mary Wollstonecraft ShelleyPrintable Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Cryptogram
Lily TomlinPrintable Lily Tomlin Cryptogram
Jonathon J SalomonPrintable Jonathon J Salomon Cryptogram
David FrostPrintable David Frost Cryptogram
Raisa GorbachevPrintable Raisa Gorbachev Cryptogram
Tim RobbinsPrintable Tim Robbins Cryptogram
Tim Allen 2Printable Tim Allen 2 Cryptogram
Theodore RooseveltPrintable Theodore Roosevelt Cryptogram
Nathanael HuddlesonPrintable Nathanael Huddleson Cryptogram
Yogi Berra 3Printable Yogi Berra 3 Cryptogram
Yogi Berra 2Printable Yogi Berra 2 Cryptogram
Yogi BerraPrintable Yogi Berra Cryptogram
Jane AustenPrintable Jane Austen Cryptogram
Edgar Allan PoePrintable Edgar Allan Poe Cryptogram
Zeb Holland 2Printable Zeb Holland 2 Cryptogram
T.S. EliotPrintable T.S. Eliot Cryptogram
River PhoenixPrintable River Phoenix Cryptogram
Tom CruisePrintable Tom Cruise Cryptogram
Unknown 3Printable Unknown 3 Cryptogram
John BurroughsPrintable John Burroughs Cryptogram
Margaret MeadPrintable Margaret Mead Cryptogram
Victor HugoPrintable Victor Hugo Cryptogram
John F. Kennedy (JFK)Printable John F. Kennedy (JFK) Cryptogram
Johnny CashPrintable Johnny Cash Cryptogram
J.K. RowlingPrintable J.K. Rowling Cryptogram
Robert RedfordPrintable Robert Redford Cryptogram
Walt DisneyPrintable Walt Disney Cryptogram
Oscar WildePrintable Oscar Wilde Cryptogram
Gandhi 2Printable Gandhi 2 Cryptogram
YodaPrintable Yoda Cryptogram
Dr. SeussPrintable Dr. Seuss Cryptogram
William BlakePrintable William Blake Cryptogram
Hubert HumphreyPrintable Hubert Humphrey Cryptogram
Michael JordanPrintable Michael Jordan Cryptogram
Mark IsraelPrintable Mark Israel Cryptogram
Jimi HendrixPrintable Jimi Hendrix Cryptogram
Johnny DeppPrintable Johnny Depp Cryptogram
GandhiPrintable Gandhi Cryptogram
Angelina JoliePrintable Angelina Jolie Cryptogram
Robin WilliamsPrintable Robin Williams Cryptogram
Nathaniel Hawthorne Printable Nathaniel Hawthorne  Cryptogram
Woodrow Wilson Printable Woodrow Wilson  Cryptogram
Bertha CallowayPrintable Bertha Calloway Cryptogram
Zeb HollandPrintable Zeb Holland Cryptogram
Walter MatthauPrintable Walter Matthau Cryptogram
Mark TwainPrintable Mark Twain Cryptogram
Unknown 2Printable Unknown 2 Cryptogram
Hellen KellerPrintable Hellen Keller Cryptogram
William ShakespearePrintable William Shakespeare Cryptogram
Carl JungPrintable Carl Jung Cryptogram
TennysonPrintable Tennyson Cryptogram
Tim AllenPrintable Tim Allen Cryptogram
Thomas EdisonPrintable Thomas Edison Cryptogram
Albert EinsteinPrintable Albert Einstein Cryptogram
Arnold SchwarzneggarPrintable Arnold Schwarzneggar Cryptogram
Vaclav HavelPrintable Vaclav Havel Cryptogram

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