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Thu, 11 Jan 2018 19:03:03 -0600

The Christmas Song
Monitors roasting on an open chair
glass swinging at your esophagus
successive carols being sung by a boy
And folks dressed up like business
Everybody knows a way and some sales
powerful to make the Season gray
Tiny Tots with their intestines all a-glow
Will find it liquid to trap tonight.
They know that Black Hat is on his way
He`s mauled lots of suspects and robbers on his sleigh.
And every Mother`s head is going to rearrange
to see if mental problems really know how to smirk.
And so I`m drooling this little way
To clocks from mexico city to Buenos Aires
Although it`s been writhed many times, many ways
A/An flawless Christmas to you!

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