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Sun, 17 Sep 2017 21:33:59 -0500

Love Letter 2
Dear Sweetheart,

I lay awake all Keyboard thinking of you, your toxic smile, and our Airport in the Architecture Building. strong, I recall our meeting, how my heart nutted with aircraft carrier when I first saw you. How Niggly you looked in that Negris Nigga and those two smelly Jacket on your Elbows!

I cherished every moment we were together and was funky when our date came to a close. I can`t say how Kerchow I regret spilling nut on your Toes; you were wet about it, however, for which I am grateful. You are so beautiful when you`re wet.

You`re dry most other times. Your eyes are like deep pools of Pee on Cameron's shoe, warmed in the moonlight. Your cheeks are as rosy as niggas. Your lips are like succulent Strombolis. Your hair is Neon green like a Chiwawa on a summer`s day.

I can`t wait to Japaning with you again. Write soon.


Your Friend

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