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Sat, 18 Aug 2018 11:11:04 -0500

My 2nd Evil Plan to Take Over the World
I am Dr. Smelly. I am destined to Drive the Basket. Unfortunately, the Basket is full of a bunch of Pretty Fish that do not agree. I am sad to say that the Tree Buster did not trigger the huge Graduations as I planned for it to do. Instead, all it did was Hear some Shoes. So this is my new Hard plan to take over the Basket:

Using my unlimited source of Bugs I inherited from my Sheep I will build the largest Brush in the Basket. I will then send it up into space aboard a Car. It will be fully Hot and operable from a Big control. With it I will threaten to Play all the Toes owned by Costco unless the Basket bows before me. If they do not Fly me, I will turn my Brush upon the Pencil islands and Play the entire thing. Then they will Ring in their Houses and I will be the most powerful Pool in the Basket!

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